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Goddess On A Budget

Please Read Before Ordering !!!!!!

Goddess on a Budget is for the women and also Teens that want good Quality wig units for an affordable price. I was that girl who couldn't afford a $700 Wig. I wanted to do something about that . I will Be selling 150% Density wigs. Which mean the unit will have 3 1/2 Bundles and a 5x5 closure or 13x4 frontal. Units will be Starting from $220-$390 Denpending on the lenght of the unit  . The Lace on the units will be Transparent. Textures they will come in Straight , Body wave , Deep wave and also Water wave. Shipping will take up to 7-10 Business days. Business days are from Monday-Friday. Weekends and Holidays are NOT BUSINESS DAYS. 

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